LEAK DETECTION              

Johnson Pools offers leak detection services from a highly trained and qualified team. We use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure the highest quality detection services are made available to our clients.


We use several techniques to identify potential swimming pool leaks. These include:

  • Dye test
  • Underwater microphone
  • Ground listening microphone
  • Pressure test

After locating the swimming pool leak, we will do a free repair estimate. Our pool leak repair team works closely with the leak detection team, insuring the leak repair is done correctly and with the least amount of disruption. Some repairs leave a scar, but we will go over options to best minimize any aesthetic impact.

Pool leaks can waste water and chemicals. They can also make it difficult to balance the chemistry of your swimming pool. Don’t risk the worry or the potential expense, contact us today to go over your options and schedule an appointment.



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Johnson Pools has been caring for my pool for over 9 years.
Their pool service techs are all very nice and they do a great job caring for my pool on a weekly basis year round. They leave a note on my doorknob with the service date, the time they finished my pool and the tech’s name (in case I have any problems or questions). I have 2 dogs in my backyard and the office support staff is always wonderful helping me schedule pool service calls around their doggy daycare hours. When I have had any concerns about pool pump noises or waterfall pressure problems... Johnson Pools’ office staff is quick to forward my calls to a technician and pool problems are always solved quickly and efficiently.
I would highly recommend Johnson Pools to anyone looking for an experienced, trustworthy, friendly and honest pool service company! 

— Sherry F.  Nichols Hills